10 Critical Mistakes Successful Men Make (That Push Women FAR Away)

They don’t realize until it’s too late.

Guys, you may be used to wearing your power suit during the day and calling all the shots with everyone around you. But you’re gonna have to change suits if you want a confident, alluring, sophisticated rock star of a woman by your side.

There’s a serious problem with successful men who have trouble finding women who are their true matches: Women who are smart, successful on their own merits, and sexy in that powerful way independent women can be.

But men like you have a need to control the outcome of everything around you, and it’s causing you to slowly lose your grip when it comes to love and relationships.

In fact, if you don’t get a hold of your deep-rooted insecurities every woman you meet who is a potential match is eventually going to fly the white flag and walk away.

She isn’t a puppy or a muppet under your strategic mastermind. Nor is she an extension of your frail ego that will shatter like glass at the resistance of your demands.

She is your equal.

So if you are making any of the 10 mistakes listed below in your relationship, be prepared to lose her. Because your ideal woman would rather find another man to date than allow your fears to invade the security of her self-worth.

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Programming for Kababayan Today, February 6-…

FBI says Internet romance scams on the rise. Here’s what you need …

When a friend request from a man who said his name was Greg landed in Sheila’s Facebook account, she was intrigued. She didn’t know him but accepted anyway.

They quickly started emailing and talking on the phone for hours.  He claimed to be working on a rig near Texas and that his contract wouldn’t allow him to leave, which is why they couldn’t meet in person.

Two months later, Greg asked Sheila, 49, to pay his taxes.

“I was resistant at first,” she said. “But he gave me his bank account information. I guess to increase my trust.”

Sheila wired the money. Then she received a message asking her to send more money for an anti-terrorist document fee. That’s when she realized she was being scammed, said Sheila, who asked that her full name be withheld because she feels ashamed and hasn’t told her family and many of her friends what happened to her.

She called her bank and requested to stop payment. But it was too late. In total, she lost $24,250.

The abundance of social media platforms, chatrooms and dating apps has led to a rise in romance scams where people pretend to be potential suitors to solicit money. In 2016, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reported 14,546 people were victims of romance or confidence scams, up from 5,791 people in 2014. The financial loss keeps growing as well: victims lost nearly $220 million in 2016, more than double the nearly $87 million lost in 2014, according to the FBI. The Federal Trade Commissionalso had a spike in the number of complaints about possible romance-related scams, up more two-fold to 11,149 from 2014 levels. And those numbers likely represent just a sliver of the swindles. Shame and embarrassment keep many people from coming forward. 

“This is a hugely underreported crime,” said Special Agent Christine Beining, of the FBI’s Houston branch. “We’re anticipating that number rising in the future.”


While singles looking for love cover a wide range of demographics, Beining said scammers prey on the most vulnerable, women over the age of 60, often widowed and not digitally savvy.

“It has a lot to do with how isolated people are from family and friends, from other people who could have warned them,” Beining said.

The scammers usually have a set profile as well. Most claim they lost their wife to some form of cancer, are raising their child alone, work keeps them at a distance — often abroad — and are looking for love. Almost all promise to take care of their new love interest.

In Uniontown, Ohio, Theresa Dies, 70, met a man on Facebook who she said resembled Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The man asked her to send several thousand dollars. She refused but still complained to law enforcement. The authorities, however, couldn’t do anything since a crime wasn’t committed. 

“They said, ‘What did you expect?’ They made me feel like the worst scum of the earth.” Dies said. “Why do they have to shame us?” 

Many platforms, such as Facebook and Match.com, offer safety tips to users but also have usage waivers releasing them from liability from interactions among members. Cyber criminals are also notoriously difficult to catch.

“In order to sue someone, you have to know who they are,” Jef Henninger, an attorney in New Jersey. “These people are hiding their identities, and trying to prove it wasn’t a gift is difficult. It’s almost like the perfect crime.”

Here are tips experts offer to stay safe online:  

1. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know. Ever. 

2. If you do send money, get a loan agreement. “To send money to someone you just met online without a loan agreement, you’re just throwing your money away,” said Henninger, a criminal defense attorney.  

3. Meet the person in real life. “Be careful when someone is declaring their undying love for you and then refusing to meet in person,” said Beining of the FBI. “If you’re romantically involved with someone they should want to meet you.”

4. Take the relationship slowly. “Get to know the person,” Beining said. “You have to be willing to invest the time in the other person.”

5. Do a background check. “It may not sound romantic,” Beining said. “But get online and do some research about this person you’re talking to.” Beining recommends searching for the person’s photo on other websites and doing a Google search.

6. Get a second opinion. The most vulnerable people are those who are isolated. To prevent this, ask a trusted family member or friend for a second opinion on your new admirer. If it seems too good to be true, they’ll tell you.


Two Winnipeg Men Charged with Child Porn Offences

Cyber Crime
(Cyber crime image via Shutterstock)

Two Winnipeg men have been charged in separate incidents involving uploading and sharing child pornography online.

Police arrested Matthieu Gauthier, 32, on Wednesday after a lengthy investigation surrounding child sexual abuse imagery than had been uploading from a chat room.

A search warrant was executed at a north St. Boniface home on July 11, where numerous electronic devices were seized, including from a vehicle.

Gauthier has been charged with possessing and distributing child pornography.

Meanwhile, Matthew Adam MacNeil, 29, faces similar charges after an investigation dating back to February 2017.

Police learned the suspect allegedly exchanged child pornography images via email in March 2013, while also uploading additional images in February and April of 2016.

A search warrant was executed at a residence in the Inkster area on March 7, 2017, where a computer was seized. Police say the data turned up close to 2,000 images and videos of children involved in various sex acts with other children and adults.

MacNeil faces two counts of accessing child pornography, possession of child pornography and two counts of distributing the material.

Both men remain in custody.

— Staff



Chamber Chat: Redondo Beach

Representing business, promoting the community and working to strengthen the local economy!

Tough Decisions: Where does Redondo Beach turn to Promote Tourism?

Redondo Beach has long been a destination city dating back to its inception. The history of Redondo Beach is layered with generations of a thriving tourism economy. That is why the hoteliers and the city decided to establish a visitor’s bureau in 1991 with a 2 percent increase to the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) from 8 percent to 10 percent. At that time, city officials believed expanding a long-standing relationship and sharing office expenses with the Chamber of Commerce was the best path forward.

Now, 27 years later the city has decided to move in a different direction. After continued increase in occupancy rates while adding hotel rooms, city officials felt it was time to look at how much money should be allocated towards promoting the Redondo Beach as a destination city. Five years ago the TOT was earning the city approximately $3 million and today with the efforts of the Visitors Bureau tourism promotion and a strong economy the TOT is earning the city nearly $8 million.

So, what are the options?

Many feel that some form of Tourism Improvement District (TID), a type of business improvement district makes the most sense. TIDs are formed through a public-private partnership between the local government and the businesses in a district. TID funds are usually managed by a nonprofit corporation, generally a Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, hotel association, or similar destination marketing organization (DMO).

In California, tourism improvement districts are formed under the Property and Business Improvement District Law of 1994, the Parking and Business Improvement Area Law of 1989, or a similar enabling ordinance adopted by a charter city. California districts are also subject to other laws designed to ensure approval by business owners paying the assessment and accountability by the managing body to those business owners. Tourism improvement districts are formed with a majority of assessed businesses (hotels in this case) consenting and the local government’s approval.

However, there are a lot of questions on how it would be put together and who would fund it. Is it just for hotels? Should other destination-based businesses such as restaurants, recreation businesses, and retail shops that benefit from tourism pay into a TID? What do you do with businesses that already are in a Business Improvement District like Riviera Village, or businesses that pay marketing dues as part of the Harbor or Pier Associations? Does the city have a role funding an entity through the existing TOT revenues collected?

When comparing Redondo Beach to many other California coastal communities that have self-assessed T-BIDS or similar structures, their TOT is lower than Redondo Beach, typically 10 percent; Redondo Beach TOT is 12 percent. If Redondo Beach hotels agree to assess themselves another 1-to-2 percent they may put themselves at a disadvantage with much of their competition and possibly lose market share.

One thing is certain, something will need to replace the Chamber and Visitors Bureau to help promote the City of Redondo Beach as a destination. Now, it is up to the industry leaders and the city to come together and figure out how to best promote Redondo Beach.

Attention ALL Members of South Bay Chambers! Redondo Beach Chamber Annual Regional Mixer

Join us at the Seaside Lagoon for an evening of networking, entertainment, opportunity drawings, great food and more! We’re inviting members of 13 local Chambers to enjoy the flavors of our local Redondo Beach Chamber Member restaurants, while meeting new people and catching up with old friends. The fee is $10 for any member of a South Bay Chamber, or $20 for non-Chamber members. This annual event is always well-attended.

We hope to see you there on August 23rd at this premier summer celebration!