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Online dating has become the most adventurous thing in this world these days. Millions of people are connected to dating websites and several successful love stories have been already written. It is really the best idea to search your dream life partner over internet because it never restricts you on the basis of region, language or age bar. And the best thing to know is that most of the online dating platforms run interesting blogs where you can find expert advice about how to impress an interesting personality over internet. Well, this is quite impressive but today here we are going to talk about Malaysian Dating Customs.

Malaysian Cupid

Guys! It is not so easy to get her into your life if you actually don’t know about facts related to dating Malaysian women online. Yeah, that true that Malaysianwomenare beautiful with lots of impressive qualities. They know how to respect men, they have natural sexy appeal and they do not care whether you are rich or poor when they finally choose you as their life partner. As soon as you start dating her, you will be able to understand that how well she can manage everything in life and it will also make your life easy with her.

First of all let us talk a little bit about Malaysian Dating Customs. You must be aware about the fact that there are three major ethnic groups in the country Malaysia; they are Indians, Chinese and Malays. Women belonging to these different cultures use to have different personality and they believe in different kind of dates. If we talk about Indian and Malays then these ladies are always interested in men that belong to same ethnic group. But the lovely Chinese ladies are always curious to date an interesting personality without following an ethnic bar. Also, these Chinesewomenin Malaysia are highly open minded as well as hardworking too thus we can say that most of males would love to try these Chinesewomenin Malaysia first. Note that, Malaysia is already a develop country as compared to most of Asian countries so women at these places are not specifically actually looking for rich men.

Few deep facts about Malaysian Dating Culture:

So, once you are aware about the Malaysian Dating culture then next task is to learn some tips about how to date her in more impressive way. Soon she will be your best travel partner .

Important tips of how to date Malaysian Women:

  1. Do Research:

The most essential thing that you need to do before dating a Malaysian woman is to do detailed research about her. Yeah! It is true that you should not start dating her blindly. One of the most common things that you will come across during this research process is that these Malaysian ladies are quite obedient to their partner. They never put so many questions in front of you rather they love you unconditionally. You simply need to know that what she expects from you in return and the answer is well understood that she wish you to treat her well and stay connected to her family too.

  1. Your honesty will pay:

You will be glad to know that most of the Malaysian women are known for their honesty and the fact is that they expect this quality from their men too. No matter whether you are searching for her over online malaysian dating sites, or you are visiting locally, she will always need to find that quality of honesty in you. Thus, if you wish to improve the chances to date her then you must prove yourself honest; always prefer to give her honest answers when she asks something.

  1. Prove your Class:

As Malaysia is well developed country so women here holds a class and they demand the same from the men they are going to date. Yeah, these women are well educated and hence they always prefer to date an educated man. If you want to date her using online dating website then always prefer to polish your profile in such a way that she can feel impressed with it. Always prefer to post numbers of pictures on your profile because she often loves to judge you from these pictures and it will help her make decision about you with ease.

  1. Hold a serious kind of personality:

It is a well researched fact that Malaysian women often love to date a serious men. And they care about this thing even while chatting on social media. If she is asking you something important and you do not have anything to replay except few emoticons then definitely you are going to lose your chances to date her. The best tip is to give her best answers so that she can realise that you are serious to date her.

There is no doubt to say that you can find lots of interesting Malaysian women over online dating websites but the only thing you need to do is make true efforts to impress her.

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Who Is Bella Thorne?

This morning, Jezebel Culture Editor Julianne Escobedo Shepherd entered our work chat room and shared a new song entitled “Just Call (feat. Bella Thorne)” by Prince Fox, an artist I’ve never heard of. “[Thorne is] now a vocal diva on Steve Aoki’s EDM label,” Shepherd explained in a gleefully detailed and straightforward tone (her trademark), not knowing this was not the young star’s first foray into the music world.

“Do you not know about her iconic first single?” I asked.


“No……” Shepherd responded.

I will not bore (or perhaps torture) you with a full transcript of the Bella-related back and forth that followed, but I will share how it ended:

I respect Edwards (who is not, by the way, an elderly woman) far too much to let this request go unfulfilled, so let’s get started.

Who Is Bella Thorne?

In short, Bella Thorne is a 19-year-old actress/singer who achieved widespread fame after starring in the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up for three seasons (2010-2013) alongside Zendaya Coleman.



Here’s a photo of her:

That’s Bella Thorne! (Image via Getty)

But Bobby, I Have Never Heard of Shake It Up! So Why Have I Heard of Bella Thorne?

Shake It Up was not her only role! Some of her more notable early roles include an appearance inThe O.C. as the flashback version of Taylor Townsend, several episodes of Big Love as one of Bill Paxton’s daughters, and the horrendous 2015 teen comedyThe DUFF as the school bully/Mae Whitman’s high school enemy. Currently she’s starring in the Freeform series Famous In Love as the titular famous person who happens to be in love.

OK So I Definitely Don’t Care That She Was the Flashback Version of Taylor Townsend In The O.C.I Also Forgot Big Love Even Existed. Plus, I Haven’t Even Heard of Famous In Love. Side Note: What the Hell Is Freeform?

Freeform is the young adult arm of Disney’s TV empire formerly known as ABC Family, which was formerly known as Fox Family Channel, which was formerly known as The Family Channel, which was formerly known as The CBN Family Channel, which was formerly known as CBN Cable Network, which was formerly known as CBN Satellite Service. Basically Freeform is where Disney wants kids to turn after they’ve outgrown the offerings on Disney Channel.


And if you haven’t seen Famous In Love, you may know Thorne from headlines on just about every celebrity news publication in America. She has recently received a lot of coverage thanks to a fling with Scott Disick.

Oh! That Might Be How I Know Her! She’s the Woman He Took to Cannes, Right?

Well, she’s one of them! Disick brought Thorne along to Cannes last month, but she bailed after less than a week after being turned off by all the alcohol.


Thorne described the experience in an interview with Complex, saying:

“Scott is really nice, sweet, charming. I don’t drink, and he really drinks a lot. It just ended up… I just wasn’t down. I was like, ‘I gotta leave.’ We were [in Cannes] a day and a half before I was like, ‘I’m booking my flight and leaving.’ I love to go out and have fun, I love to fucking dance, but I just don’t party hardcore like that and it was way too much for me. I was like, ‘Woah, this is not the way I live my life, bruh.’”

Scott’s the Only Person She’s Been Romantically Linked To, Right?

Absolutely not! Below is a list of some of her more notable alleged boyfriends:

  • Jake T. Austin
  • Garrett Backstrom
  • Cody Simpson
  • Gregg Sulkin
  • Tyler Posey
  • Charlie Puth

Who the Hell Are Any of Those People?

You must be out of your goddamned mind if you think I’m answering that right now.

Fair Enough. Let’s Move On From Her Love Life. Does She Stand For Anything?

Weird question, but I have an answer. She was (perhaps still is?) a Neutrogena brand ambassador, and is a vocal anti-bullying advocate. She’s also an out bisexual who has made headlines for celebrating Bi Visibility Day.

Earlier You Said She Was an Actress/Singer, Were You Being Snarky and Rude With That Descriptor Or Is She Honestly an Aspiring Singer?

Well, Shake It Off was a show about backup dancers, so music was a pretty major part of its DNA. Couple that with the fact that it was produced by Disney (a company we all know will do whatever it can to merchandise/squeeze money out of its stars) and being a singer is practically a requirement for the job. As such, both she and Zendaya recorded some singles that you probably only heard if you happened to be listening to Radio Disney in the early 2010s. (Which, who knows! No judgment here.) Most of them sounded exactly like this.



After Shake It Off was canceled, Thorne tried (or was perhaps pushed) to make a pop career happen. It didn’t, but a relic from the failed attempt—a video for her debut solo single, “Call It Whatever”—still exists on YouTube. Based on the high production values, it’s clear someone in a position of power thought this was maybe a good idea.

While promoting the single (which flopped, by the way), Thorne seemed almost exhausted by the very idea of being a pop star. In an interview with Billboard, she came across as disinterested in both the song and the industry itself.

“I don’t think, ‘Well, Miley went this way, and Selena went that way, so I have to go in the middle.’ That’s not it. I’m just being me. My song is called ‘Call It Whatever.’ You can call me whatever, if you like me or not like me. I really don’t care.”

The piece ends with a quote from Thorn that encapsulates why it’s so hard to pin her down:

“I want to try everything. And I want to be great at everything, if it’s the last thing I do.”

Wait! It’s All Coming Back, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now! Wasn’t She the One Who May or May Not Have Started Dating Her Brother’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Yes! Good memory.

Her Name Was Bella, Too, Right?

Great memory!

In Your Expert Opinion, Was That Whole Thing Was Bullshit?

“Expert”?! You flatter me. But yes. Thorne has been famous for so long at this point that she, like many attention-hungry celebrities, has figured out exactly how to utilize her social media channels for maximum tabloid coverage. I don’t believe she and long-time BFF Bella Pendergast were ever dating, I just think they wanted to see if they could leave some vaguely exciting breadcrumbs the media would be excited to follow. And they did!

OK, So You’re Saying She’s Just a Teen Who Is Very Good At Getting Attention.

Basically. But again, she probably wouldn’t receive the amount of attention she receives without having actual work on her resume. We’re not talking about someone who has nothing going on outside her social life. She’s about to star in the new Xavier Dolan movie!


Good question. Xavier Dolan is a hotshot French-Canadian director who specializes in gay melodrama and whose movies always receive rave reviews at Cannes despite how painfully derivative almost all of them are. Not to mention—

Bobby I’m Going To Stop You Before You Go Off On Some Weird Gay Rant That Only Two People On This Planet Will Care About.

Thanks. That was a little rude of me, so I will add that it’s nice to see a queer director shamelessly making films for queer audiences. Especially because—

Wow I Literally Do Not Care. Please Go Back to Why Should I Give a Shit About His New Bella Thorne Movie, Please.

Oh! Have you seen the cast? Look at the IMDB page! This is a big deal! Bella’s sharing the screen with major A-listers! And Jacob Tremblay!

Damn, So Bella’s Really Going Places!


OK, I’m Done Here I Think.

I hope so.

Past Due

Q. Queer Club Secret Handshake?:I’m a recently realized genderqueer person, falling more toward the side of a trans girl. Over the past six to 12 months, I’ve started dressing the part as I get more comfortable, and that means that I’ve been more easily recognizable as a queer person, or at least it’s easier for people to guess, since appearance isn’t always proof positive. A handful of times, another person—who, if I had to guess, I would presume is a fellow queer individual—has approached me unexpectedly to offer a compliment or other kind word. In the past I’d have thought nothing of it beyond a kind word from a stranger, but with the hope to meet new queer friends on my mind, these moments have made me wonder if there’s some secret code or policy that some queer folks subscribe to when it comes to acknowledging or reaching out to others they suspect are members of the club, and I’m experiencing it for the first time as a New QueerTM.

Pay to sway: report reveals how easy it is to manipulate elections with fake news

Political campaigns can manipulate elections by spending as little as $400,000 on fake news and propaganda, according to a new report that analyzes the costs of swaying public opinion through the spread of misinformation online.

The report from Trend Micro, a cybersecurity firm, said it also costs just $55,000 to discredit a journalist and $200,000 to instigate a street protest based on false news, shining a light on how easy it has become for cyber propaganda to produce real-world outcomes.

The Fake News Machine research paper comes at a time of increasing concern across the globe about the hacking of elections and the ways that fake news on social media has manipulated voters. The report delves into the underground marketplaces that can allow campaigns, political parties, private companies and other entities to strategically create and distribute fake content to shift public perceptions.

The analysis of Chinese, Russian, Middle Eastern, and English-based fake news services found that these options offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising and promotional efforts, often by manipulating social networks to spread dubious content.

“Whether you’re in China, Russia, Europe or the US, it’s very, very easy to buy these services,” said Simon Edwards, a Trend Micro cybersecurity architect.

With targeted spending, fake content can spark real protests, the report found. For example, campaigns can create and populate social media groups that discuss relevant ideologies for the cost of about $40,000, Trend Micro wrote.

To maximize the reach of the content, campaigns can spend $6,000 to gain about 40,000 “high-quality” likes. Within these fake news services, it can also cost $5,000 for 20,000 comments and $2,700 for a false story. Campaigns can further buy retweets and other promotional services, such as the placement of related videos on YouTube that help the stories go viral. It can cost $10,000 to announce and promote a resulting protest on social media.

A key ingredient, the report noted, is “fake news fabricated as truth that panders to its audience’s ideologies and promises an illusion of the future – enough to compel people to join an imagined cause”.

Manipulating election outcomes can also be relatively cheap for politicians and parties, according to the report. A campaign operator could buy targeted news websites for about $3,000 per site and then populate the pages with propaganda that masquerades as legitimate news. Maintaining the sites with relevant fake content costs $5,000 a month, and targeted social media promotion costs $3,000 a month.

Buying reposts and biased comments on its content can boost the campaign. Some of these networks will also distribute real news, allowing the sites to build a reputation and blur the line between propaganda and legitimate content. In total, a yearlong campaign with a $400,000 budget should be able to “manipulate a decisive course of action”, the research found.

A group that wants to attack a reporter can also easily mount a “four-week fake news campaign to defame the journalist”, the paper said. Weekly propaganda, promoted with 50,000 retweets, garnering 100,000 visits would cost $2,700 a week. In addition to discrediting the journalist, “a more daunting consequence would be how the story, exposé or points the journalist wanted to divulge or raise will be drowned out by a sea of noise fabricated by the campaign”, Trend Micro wrote.

The report also found that a social media account can become an online “celebrity” with 300,000 followers in just one month for the cost of about $2,600.

Given the effectiveness and low costs of these kinds of propaganda campaigns, some fear they could become commonplace in major elections.

“It’s important that we put a stop to this as soon as possible before it becomes mainstream,” Edwards said.

Following widespread debate about how fake news on social media may have contributed to the election of Donald Trump last year, companies like Facebook and Google have pledged a crackdown on the spread of misinformation.

But some of the highly publicized initiatives to prioritize fact checking and thwart false content have so far had little impact at Facebook.

Edwards said the research also highlighted the need for readers and social media users to become more educated in spotting false news: “It’s really important that people think about what it is they ingest and question everything you see.”