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Factors Influencing the Cost of Wood Fence Installation

Before you start off you have to ensure all the required tools and materials to avoid interrupting the process which is rather not a good idea cause you may end up with something different from your expectations.

Get to know what you really require either through the net or visit a professional fence company for guidance and inquiries.

Set the posts to about six to eight feet measured to the post’s center and then determine the size and location of the gate and other obstacles you will come by. Before setting the posts ensure there are no obstacles that can hinder construction or damage equipment along the survey line that is where you intend to build your fence. Before pouring the concrete ensure the post is square on all the here axis and solidly braced, place the post in the whole carefully so as not to destroy the sides and then attach two braces on both sides of the post and a plumb-bob at the top of the post.

To prevent moisture and decay position your rails leave a two-inch gap at the bottom and for animal and children crossing over or passing through your fence bury a small section of wire fencing along the fence line and fixed to the gap. Gates are highly recommended for property and homeowners and therefore ensure you have a strong and good gate.

after painting ensure you let the paint to dry off completely. But the question is what is the cost of doing all this and what are these factors affecting this cost?

The cost of wood fencing varies on several factors such as did you have the fence installed by yourself or hired a contractor or the length and height of the fence. Then pace off the distance to get a rough estimate of the number of posts required then measure the length of one panel and calculate your cost. Materials to be used are the second biggest factor that will affect the cost. Also, the terrain you want to have your fence on will impact on the cost since a rough terrain will require more work and also materials.

this then means the current posts should be removed and to remove them well you can use a wood post puller which makes it easier. when getting a contractor don’t always go for the cheaper one cause you may end up getting the work done poorly but rather get to do some research on the contractors works and projects before doing so.

To get the total cost it is better to not ignore any necessary cost that you will pay in order to have your budget right This panels that are pressure treated are mostly made from pine and often sag after installation.

It is actually cheaper doing the job by yourself than hiring a contractor but it all depends on if you are willing to sweat for the perfect fence that the whole neighborhood envies or get a professional to do it in other words it all depends on you!

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